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One of the best things about using Mambino Organics products is that you can always feel good about your purchase! Here are a few reasons why we’re different than other skincare brands:

Organic and natural ingredients: If our name doesn’t give it away (wink, wink) you probably know that we use only natural ingredients and organic ingredients when possible. It’s important to us that the products—and the ingredients in them—are safe to use on ourselves and our family, and that means using only the best that we can find in nature. 

Some of our favorite ingredients to work with include: jojoba oil (it’s so similar to the skin’s natural oils and we source it from farmers that are close to us!), organic rosehip oil (it’s loaded with vitamin C and promotes skin healing) and non-nano zinc oxide (a physical sunscreen ingredient that is one of the best and safest natural mineral sunscreens.) 

Cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny certified:Caring for the planet also means caring for the animals on our planet. We have never and will never test our formulas or ingredients on animals. We are Leaping Bunny certified, meaning that we have pledged to be part of the end to animal testing for ingredients and finished products and do not engage in animal testing. On every package, you’ll see the Leaping Bunny logo noting that we do not test on animals.

Recyclable packaging: Wherever we package a product in a box, we use lightweight, recyclable cardboard without any extra packaging. Some of our products, like Brightening Sheer Moisturizer and  Happy Baby Soothing Stick use plastic containers, which are easily recycled by local recycling companies (or with your curbside recycling.) And for products that come in the brown glass bottles, like Youth Glow Hydrating Serum, Moisture Me Nourishing Body Oil, and others, are infinitely recyclable as well. The brown glass is an important part of the product, as it protects delicate vitamins from being damaged by the sun. And the strong yet lightweight aluminum bottle for our Anti-Bug Repellant Spray can be recycled with soda cans or other aluminum materials.

Support for humanitarian causes: At Mambino, we say that people are more important than profits, and we strive to embody that by giving back to humanitarian causes. This past year, we’ve supported the Blue Dot Project, which raises awareness for maternal mental health while working to combat the stigma and shame. We also supported Choose Love, an organization that works with refugees to provide necessities as well as those people and organizations whose work impacts refugees and those caught in war. 

Small business: We’re proud to be able to give all of this to you, our customers, because at the end of the day, Mambino is a small, family-owned business. 

We hold these values dear to our heart and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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