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A new year, a new decade, and a year of growth for Mambino! We have lots of exciting plans in the works to provide you with new products, new ways to experience Mambino, and new ways to learn about the brand and continue to grow our presence. Most importantly, we want to be your resource for all-natural, organic beauty products. We love to hear from our customers, so drop us a line if there’s something you want us to know. 


One of the first big things coming up for us is exhibiting at Natural Expo West from March 3rd through the 7th at the Anaheim Convention Center. This is an opportunity for us to talk with distributors and continue to get Mambino in retailers across the country so that you have easier access to your favorite organic and natural beauty products! We are also looking for other events where we can introduce Mambino to new retailers and customers. 

New products: 

We’re working to give you all-new products this year! A couple of ideas that we’re currently working on are a hand soap or sanitizer, a night cream or an eye cream, an all-purpose ointment, a body butter and a belly lotion. We have LOTS of ideas—and lots of great requests from our customers. We’d love to hear what you’re excited about or anything that you’ve been dying to see us create. Get in touch and let us know on our social channels!

Increasing brand awareness & partnerships: 

We’ve been an indie beauty brand that most people have found by word-of-mouth, but this year we’re really wanting to amp up who we’re talking to and who we’re working with. We are recruiting brand ambassadors and people with similar wellness philosophies to share our brand with their networks. We will also be working more with media and influencers! 

Refreshing our Babies & Kids products: 

Our collection of baby products isn’t only for infants--it’s great for kids of all ages (adults, too!) and is gentle enough for everybody. (We’ve gotten a lot of love from moms and dads themselves who rave about using the Nurture Me After Bath Massage Oil on themselves.) We’re working to refresh the look of certain products to better appeal to kids of all ages. 

Local Arizona events:

We’re an Arizona-based business and want to try out some different experiences for our customers closer to home. We’re looking into a pop-up shop as well as offering product pickup at the Mambino factory. In addition to picking up products straight from the source, we’d like to offer special promotions for our customers who choose this option. 

Updating select products: 

We are constantly looking for ways to upgrade and improve our products to make for a better experience when using them. This year, we’re looking for different packaging for the body oils—new pumps that allow more oil to squirt out at one time. And if you ever have a product frustration or think there’s something that we can do better, we want to know! Drop us a line via email or DM us on Instagram or Facebook. 

We have big ideas and big goals for the year ahead and can’t wait to take you on the journey with us!

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