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Get the scoop on great skincare gifts for the guys.

With Father’s Day coming up, we’re taking a look at some favorite Mambino products for the guys. 

Brightening Sheer Moisturizer

Nourishing and sheer in texture, this all natural anti-aging lotion quickly and deeply penetrates skin to repair and hydrate without feeling heavy or greasy. Use this at morning and nighttime to boost clarity and promote overall balance in the skin. Good to know: A healthy balance of hydration is one of the easiest ways to maintain a youthful complexion. As we age, our skin loses the ability to retain moisture, making it even more important to hydrate the skin as part of a daily routine. 

Mambino Man Tip: Men tend to have oilier skin than women, making this a great option to nourish skin without extra oiliness.

Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover

This daily facial cleansing oil effortlessly dissolves impurities and dirt, leaving skin soft, clean and nourished. Formulated with natural squalane from olives, super antioxidant camellia green tea and calming, cold-pressed oat oil. This is a great cleanser to use on skin that needs a little extra moisture since it won’t strip skin’s natural oils, and is the first step in adouble cleansing  routine. To use, dispense two to three pumps into palms and massage gently over dry skin. Add water and continue to massage your face to emulsify and rinse with warm water to finish cleansing.

Mambino Man Tip: Our co-founder, Andy, uses this cleansing oil as a shaving oil. Apply it to skin before shaving—just like shaving cream. The oil allows the razor to glide over skin, and its pure, healthy ingredients mean that it helps to cut down on skin irritation. 

Moisture Me Nourishing Body Oil 

Our nourishing body oil is fast-absorbing and lightweight in texture, making it a perfect, everyday body moisturizer for soft and smooth skin. It delivers superior long-lasting hydration, skin firming and toning benefits to boost collagen production with elasticity enhancing omega essential fatty acids to leave skin soft, nourished and supple. And the scent...well, it's simply delicious! For best results, apply to warm, damp skin (like when you’ve gotten out of the shower.) 

Mambino Man Tip: This is Amit, our co-owner’s, favorite product! It’s a great substitution for traditional lotion that can feel too heavy during the summer. This oil does a great job of moisturizing dry body parts and has an awesome citrusy scent.  

Nurture Me After Bath Massage Oil

For hard-working fathers, use this lavender-scented massage oil on him! It’s formulated to be gentle enough for babies delicate skin, but it’s perfect for anyone in need of nourishment (and a good massage.) This light, soothing blend leaves skin ultra-soft and nourished. Made with healing calendula and soothing chamomile, it’s perfect anytime, especially after bath or shower. 

Mambino Man Tip: Since you might not be able to send your guy to get a massage, why not give him a massage yourself using gentle strokes to work this massage oil into sore muscles. 

Nourishing Hand Sanitizer Spray

Now that we’re starting to creep back to normalcy, it’s important to remember that we still need to be safe. The nourishing hand sanitizing spray is a perfect hand sanitizer made with 70% alcohol and natural ingredients that will leave your hands feeling clean and nourished.  This sanitizer contains coconut oil, rosemary oil, aloe vera and lavender.

Mambino Man Tip: Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in the car, at a work desk or at the front door of your house to remind everyone to keep their hands clean.

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