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Warmer temps, sunshine, blooming flowers...we have so much to be grateful for as it turns to summer. And since we’re at home and spending so much time outdoors (um, how many walks have you taken this week already?) it’s important to be prepared for an outside activity. 

Here’s our rundown of the products to take us through the season: 


Nourishing Hand Sanitizer

For the best protection, spray hands thoroughly and allow them to dry without wiping. This is safe for kids with adult supervision, but not recommended for infants. This all-natural sanitizing spray is made with 70% alcohol that leaves hands cleaned and nourished. We created this with specific ingredients so that hands won’t dry out; this features  organic coconut oil, organic, olive oil, organic jojoba oil and organic aloe vera to help keep skin happy. For additional feel-good benefits and a beautiful scent, we’ve used lavender and orange essential oils, cedarwood oil and rosemary extract.


Anti-Bug Repellant Spray

Keep the bugs away safely with this certified organic, plant-based repellent. This DEET-free spray is made with non-toxic ingredients to repel fleas, mosquitos, ticks and biting flies. Bugs are deterred by the scent, so reapply for continuous coverage. 

Organic lemongrass oil and organic citronella oil both fend off bugs and organic witch hazel extract soothes skin and provides additional protective properties. 

To use, first shake the bottle to activate ingredients, then spray onto skin while avoiding the face. (Pro tip: You can spray into hair to boost the scent.) When applying to the face, first spray onto fingertips then pat onto skin. 

SPF 30 Pure Mineral Face & Body Sunscreen

Our broad-spectrum face and body sunscreen uses non-nano zinc oxide to create a physical barrier against the sun’s rays and protect your skin. Zinc oxide is the safest, most effective sunscreen ingredient, and we’ve combined with red raspberry seed oil, which has the highest SPF of all plants. With organic aloe vera juice to calm and soothe, and organic green tea extract for an antioxidant boost, this sunscreen pampers your skin. 

(Pssst… Want to know more about buying sunscreen and what all those buzzwords mean? There’s more on thathere.)

Moisture Me Nourishing Body Oil 

Skin still needs hydration, even though summer temps and humidity might be making you feel otherwise. Our body oil is fast-absorbing and has a lightweight texture, so it’s an ideal swap from a heavier lotion this time of year. In addition to being a great moisturizer, Moisture Me Body Oil if full of essential fatty acids (from organic shea butter), and a plant-based source of omega-5 (derived from organic pomegranate oil), that plays an important role in the repair of skin due to sun exposure and aging. 

Happy Baby Soothing Stick 

This skin-protecting balm is a customer-favorite, and not just to be used on infants! While the name implies it’s meant for kiddos, our Happy Baby Soothing Stick is actually a perfect, all-around skin salve that heals scrapes, soothes dry patches, relieves skin irritation and rashes, and takes the zing out of bug bites. You don’t want to be without this one! (And it’s perfect to carry in your pocket.)

Organic jojoba oil softens and moisturizes, while evening primrose oil works to heal skin together with calendula oil, which helps to regenerate damaged skin tissue. Chamomile oil has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, making this stick a good choice to heal any boo boos. 

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