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April is here and spring is in the air. With Easter right around the corner, we know you’re scrambling to come up with unique Easter basket ideas. Traditionally, candy is the main component of Easter baskets. But if you want to do something a little non-traditional and not so full of sugar, we have some great ideas for you. This holiday, give your loved ones a basket filled with luxury beauty products. The best part is that whoever you give this self-pampering basket to won’t even have to leave their house to have a full spa-like experience. These lush baskets are perfect for your tween/teen girls, best friend, or wife/girlfriend. Everyone loves a little indulgence and this basket will give them the opportunity to take a few minutes and pamper themselves.

Body Wash/Bubbles

Relaxing in a warm bath is one of the best ways to wind down from a long day. The perfect addition to a warm, relaxing bath is the perfect body wash and bubbles. Look for products that contain extra moisturizers and/or exfoliators to add that extra nourishing touch to their bath time routine. Consider buying a body wash that contains essential oils for some extra aromatherapy. Keep in mind that some people have sensitive skin, so be careful to choose products that contain all-natural ingredients that don’t contain toxic chemicals that might irritate skin.


Nothing makes a space feel more cozy and inviting than a few well-placed, lightly scented candles. Not only can candles make the perfect addition to a relaxing bath, they can also make any space feel more intimate with their soft glow. As with skin care products, be careful to choose candles that are made with natural ingredients and fragrances. Candles that are made with synthetic ingredients release chemicals into the air as they burn, so be sure that the candles you choose are safe and non-toxic. 

Cleansing Cloths

After a long day, it can be hard to find the motivation or time to maintain a good skincare routine. But good skincare is essential to healthy skin. Help your loved ones make their routine simple by putting cleansing cloths in their Easter basket. You can find these at most department stores, and they’re just pre-moistened cloths that effectively remove dirt, oil and makeup from your skin. These cloths are convenient and effective and also convenient to travel with.

Non-Skincare Items

Beauty baskets aren’t just for skincare products. Don’t forget other items that can make the people you love feel pampered and help them relax. Nail polish is the perfect addition to your non-candy Easter basket. Look for bright spring colors to help usher in the warmer weather. Don’t forget to make sure to invest in a good brand that won’t chip right away. Consider all-in-one options that include a strengthener and top coat as well. A good detangler brush is another great gift. Nothing is worse than trying to brush through wet hair and dealing with the pulling and breakage that comes with regular brushes. Detangler brushes are specifically designed for wet hair and go smoothly from root to tip with no breaking or tearing. Don’t forget slippers and a robe too. What better way to end a pampering session than by slipping into a soft, warm robe and a comfortable pair of slippers?

Face Masks/Lip Balms

Face masks are always a good addition to any beauty basket. There are a lot of options available too so think about what your loved one would need most. Detoxifying? Moisturizing? Whatever their need, there will be a face mask to help. Don’t forget the lips! People often forget to nourish and moisturize their lips along with their skin. A fun twist on lip balms is a DIY lip balm kit. This way, your loved ones can customize their lip balms based on their needs and their favorite scents.

Whatever you choose to fill your no-candy Easter basket with, just have fun thinking about the person you love. This creative basket will be sure to make whoever receives it feel loved and pampered.

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