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Our Favorite Bump Date Pics

Pregnancy is one of the most intense and unique experiences of the human body. Talk to any woman who has had a child and you will find that there is a common theme in most of their stories; that theme is change. The amount of physical and emotional changes that occur to a woman during pregnancy are immense. Regardless of how prepared you think you are, or the amount of books you read, pregnancy will be the most beautiful experience of your life and also the most intense. Have fun with this time in your life because even though your 40-week pregnancy journey might feel never-ending to you, the time really does pass quickly. One way to enjoy your pregnancy is to document your progress in a series of photos. We’ve collected some of our favorite bump pictures for some creative inspiration.

If you are a fun loving couple who wants to make their pregnancy photos truly unique, you might be inspired by these magical images. When Anthony Stuart, a graphic designer, found out that his wife Kristi was expecting their first child, he wanted to document this experience in a memorable way. So he staged a photo shoot to make the pregnancy look like an elaborate magic trick. And although we all know how this really works, the end result of the photo shoot is pretty humorous.  Magic baby announcement

There are countless pregnancy apps designed to help you keep track of your growing baby week by week. These apps are full of information about how your baby is developing and what you might be experiencing as your pregnancy progresses. One common element of these sites is that they compare your growing baby to a piece of fruit to help give you a frame of reference in terms of size. Photographer Rebekah Hoyt found a fun way to incorporate this into her pregnancy photos. Each week, she took a bump date picture holding the piece of fruit that correlated to the size of her baby. This turned out to be a cute visual comparison the perfect pregnancy photos.Fruit bump date

Quebec photographer Patrice Laroche documented the pregnancy of his partner, Sandra Denis, as they anxiously awaited the arrival of their daughter. Rather than the typical weekly bump date photos, however, Laroche approached the photos with a sense of humor. Throughout Sandra’s pregnancy, they took photos at a convenience store air pump. The end result? It appears as if Sandra is expanding to the point of exploding and then suddenly – here comes the baby. This hilarious photo series is sure to make you laugh and maybe even inspire some funny photos of your own.gonna pop bump date

If you want to document your pregnancy but you’re not comfortable with someone else taking the photos you can always take your own using the timer function on your camera. Mom blogger Krystal K did this to document her pregnancy is a series of silhouette photos. The other upside to these types of photos is that you don’t have to worry about your hair or makeup or anybody seeing parts of your body that you aren’t comfortable exposing.shadow bump date

Pregnancy truly is a beautiful thing. To help you feel your best, we developed ourOh Baby! Anti-Stretch Belly Butter infused with all natural ingredients to help give your skin essential nutrients that are safe for your growing baby. Apply this cream twice a day to your bump as well as other areas that are prone to stretch marks such as thighs, breasts, and buttocks. Not only will this help prevent new stretch marks from forming, but it will also fade existing stretch marks which makes if perfect for use after you’ve given birth as well. The all natural cocoa, mango, and shea butter will leave your skin hydrated, smooth, and ready for any pictures you want to take during your pregnancy.

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