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My family loves being outdoors, but there comes a certain point in the summer when it’s unbearable. Not necessarily because of the heat or humidity—though that doesn’t help—but because of the bugs. Mosquitoes, specifically. Our yard becomes a haven for those pesky biters and we end up retreating inside, feeling defeated. 

I don’t love to use bug spray on my kids because of the chemicals. I’m just not a fan, and I wasn’t loving the more natural options I’d tried. (Too oily. Didn’t work. Smelled crazy. And on and on.) So I have to admit that I was hesitant to try Anti-Bug Repellent Spray, but was blown away when I did. My kids love itand I do, too.

But before we dive into the science of Mambino’s natural bug repellent, let’s learn a bit more about the traditional formulas that are widely available today. 

What is DEET?

Many traditional bug sprays today use varying levels of a chemical known as DEET. According to Consumer Reports, DEET is a liquid that, when applied to skin or clothing, repels biting insects including mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas. It was first created by USDA chemists in the 1940s to be used by the US military and has been commercially available since 1957.

And actually, when used correctly, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has approved DEET for use in people of all ages, including children. The Cleveland Clinic points out though, that some people do experience rashes or irritated skin after applying DEET, and it can irritate eyes if sprayed too close. 

So, yeah, I wasn’t super thrilled about dousing my kids in DEET.

Natural, Non-Toxic Ingredients

Thankfully, Anti-Bug Repellent relies on three plant-based ingredients to keep the bugs away. 

Lemongrass is an herb with a mild citrus flavor and scent, and is popular in Asian cuisines. Medical News Today cites a study fromMalaria Journal showing that topical application of lemongrass essential oil provided 74–95% protection for 2.5 hours against two types of mosquito during a field study.

Citronella is a type of lemongrass and its oil is extracted through steam distillation of its tall, thin leaves, according to StyleCraze. It’s a popular essential oil and is well-known for its bug repellent properties. It can also have skincare benefits in certain formulations. 

The Witch Hazel extract in Mambino’s Anti-Bug Repellent is used for its skin soothing and protective properties. Dr. Joel Schlessinger, a dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon in Omaha says that ““Its unique properties offer medicinal anti-inflammatory and anti-viral qualities that are often used as a topical botanical in skin care,” in an article in Prevention. 

Anti-Bug Repellent is safe for the entire family--even infants--and has a non-irritating, pleasant aroma. (Very citrusy!) Shake before using it and spray from head to toe to repel fleas, mosquitoes, ticks and biting flies. Because its efficacy is based on scent, it’s important to reapply generously and often! This might sound funny, but one of my favorite things is the super-fine mist. I’ve found that lots of natural bug sprays squirt out big, runny drips—I’ve never experienced that with Anti-Bug. Plus, I love the recyclable aluminum bottle!

Rave Reviews


As someone who researches the products I use and seeks out feedback, I’d be remiss to leave you with my experience only. Check out what other Anti-Bug fans have to say:  

Best mosquito spray ever!

It works great, smells great and is worth the money! My babies never got bit once. It even works for adults as well. Will purchase again. 

     - Amanda

Love this spray!!!

I’ve been searching for a truly organic bug repellent and stumbled upon Mambino Organics. I’m so glad I did and ordered this product. It’s truly organic and doesn’t contain any of the harsh chemicals. And the best part is, it actually works and keeps the bugs away. 

     - Joan

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