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The Christmas season is right around the corner and if you’re like most people, you’re starting to feel the pressure as each day brings you closer to the big holiday. Obligations are piling up and your shopping list is still a mile long. Most people would agree that although they would prefer to simply spend quality time with family and loved ones, or focus on giving back to their community, society puts a lot of pressure on Christmas and we often find ourselves spending countless hours and loads of money on that elusive “perfect” gift for the people on our lists. Nobody knows this holiday grind more than the moms out there. Between work, family, kids and every other hat you wear every day, we think you deserve a break. What better way to relax than with an at home mommy/daughter spa day? Not only do you get to pamper yourself, but you can spend quality time with your daughter talking and bonding as you both spend this holiday season the way you really want to – with each other. The best part about your spa day is that you can enjoy it from the comfort of your own home at a fraction of the cost. Here atMambino, we have lots of tips for the perfect day of relaxation, pampering, and some mother-daughter bonding time.

Set the Mood

For a proper spa day, you need to transform your home into a spa-like environment. This can easily be done with items you already have at home. Start by creating a soothing environment. Dim the lights and light your favorite scented candles. Next, turn on some of your favorite music. Remember, this day is all about the things that you like the best so be sure to have fun with your choices. Finally, be sure to really up to the luxury factor with robes and comfortable slippers.

DIY Spa Treatments

The appeal of the spa is how wonderful your skin feels after leaving. Fortunately for you, most skin treatments can easily be made with ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Rose-tone water is simple to make and the perfect addition to your mommy daughter spa date. Simply boil some water and throw in some rose petals. Once it cools, strain the water and store in the refrigerator. It’s as simple as that! A few sprays of rose water would feel very refreshing after you treat your skin with a homemade face mask. A simple Google search will yield hundreds of remedies for face mask recipes as well as common skin complaints.

Puffy eyes? Try a few slices of cucumber. Does the winter weather have your skin and lips feeling dry? Make a homemade sugar scrub. You and your daughter will have a blast experimenting with different recipes and finding some of your favorites. You’ll be surprised at the skin solutions that are hiding in your kitchen cupboards. Do you love the luxury of warm lotion and towels that you get at the top of the line spas? Recreate that experience at home with just a few simple steps. Simply place your bottles of lotion over a heating vent or submerge them in hot water to warm up the lotion. Keep in mind, as the lotion warms, it will become a bit runny so be prepared when you go to apply it that it might come out a little faster than expected. Your towels can also warm up while sitting over a heating vent but you can also put them in the dryer for a few minutes to get them nice and toasty.    

Take Turns Pampering Each Other

People enjoy the spa because it feels good to get pampered by someone else. In light of the Christmas season, we should remember that it also feels good to take care of someone else. Keep this in mind as you two enjoy your spa day and take turns pampering each other. There are lots of ways to take care of each other. Give each other a mani/pedi with fun colors and maybe even some nail accessories. If you have scented oils, heat them up and take turns giving each other a message. You could even look up some foot soak recipes and enjoy soaking your freshly manicured toes together. Be sure to take lots of selfies so you can cherish these memories forever.

Spend Time Talking

Although there are lots of perks of an at-home spa day – like smooth skin, painted nails, and massages, the best part will be the time that you and your daughter get to spend with each other. Life gets hectic and time slips away. Carving out a few hours to relax and focus on each other can make a big difference in your connection with each other. Whether your daughter is 4 or 14, they’re never too young or too old to spend quality time with and make memories that neither of you will forget. This time is special so be sure to put away the phones, turn off the TV and simply spend this time in conversation. Serve up your favorite snacks and maybe even have a glass of sparkling cider to make this day feel extra special.  

A spa day is a great way to not only unwind and relax but also to show your daughter that she’s special to you and that you want to spend time with her. After you’re both properly pampered you can even finish off the night in matching pajamas while you watch your favorite movie. If your at-home spa day is a success, consider making it a once a month date. It can become a tradition that both you and your daughter look forward to for years to come.



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